Alan Dodds


b. 1986, HK.



Secondline Brewing
Glasgow Commonwealth House
countryside restoration trust
+ more


I'm a Scottish freelance graphic designer currently working in the UK.

As you go through my portfolio you'll probably notice that I don't really have a particular style, medium or way of working. This is to say I'm not without focus or direction, but I believe the best designers are interdisciplinary, and take a well-rounded, researched approach to design problems. I believe that good design should communicate, not just decorate. I approach every design brief with a considered approach, ensuring I'm always on brief to deliver a fully, idea-driven solution that's relevant. I hope this thinking and approach to design shows throughout my work. 

For prospective clients:

As of August 2018 I am available to work on large freelance projects and if you have any ideas, projects or opportunities you think I can work on, please get in touch. Note: I'm willing to work at a reduced rate for interesting branding projects; please mention if it is a branding project in the subject of any correspondence.

For employment agencies / employers:

Contact me for my portfolio and C.V.