Alan Dodds

MAX 2015

MAX2015 Exhibition app

I was tasked with designing and conceptualizing the look and feel of the MAX2015 conference app, an invite only app that would delegates and invited customers to keep track of the days events, find information about industry speakers, other companies in attendance, with maps and locations and information on sponsors.

I created the overall identity for Logicnow’s 2015 world wide conferences. I collaborated with UX on agreed user flows and the content / field team to understand the main functionalities of the app. The interface was designed and aimed at helping our customers wishing to quickly find information on partner speakers, topics, or to find out how to get to the locations, with daily reminders and notifications. We took care to keep the app as simple as possible as we understood the app would be for daily use through the late summer months, using the brand’s core colours and changing them slightly to give a different feel of the conference.